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1. XiaoChun Zhou and Hui Yang, Nanostructured and Advanced Materials for Fuel Cells (Chapter 13. Nanostructure Advances in Catalysts for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells), (San Ping Jiang and Pei Kang Shen), CRC Press 2013, Pages 375–442.

Print ISBN: 978-1-4665-1250-4
eBook ISBN: 978-1-4665-1253-5 [link]

Publications in SINANO
30. Chuang Bai, Huihui Wang, Fandi Ning, Junhao Fu, Jun Wei, Guanbin Lu, Yangbin Shen and Xiaochun Zhou*, "Second sphere ligand promoted organoiridium catalysts for methanol dehydrogenation under mild conditions". ChemCatChem, 2020, xxx. [PDF]

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†Equal contribution.

16. Yangbin Shen, Yulu Zhan, Shuping Li, Fandi Ning, Ying Du, Yunjie Huang, Ting He and Xiaochun Zhou*,"Methanol-Water Aqueous Phase Reforming by the Assistant of Dehydrogenases at Near-Room Temperature". Chemsuschem, 2018, 11(5), 864-871. [PDF] [SI] [link].


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†Equal contribution.



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10.     Ying Du, Xudong He, Yulu Zhan, Shuping Li, Yangbin Shen, Fandi Ning, Liuming Yan and Xiaochun Zhou*,"Imaging the Site-Specific Activity and Kinetics on A Single Nanomaterial by Microchamber Array". ACS Catalysis, 2017, 7(5), 3607–3614. [PDF] [SI].


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3.     Yangbin Shen, Ting He, Wenhui Wang, Yulu Zhan, Xin Hu, Binfang Yuan, Xiaochun Zhou* "Fluorescence Enhancement on Silver Nanoplate at the Single- and Sub-Nanoparticle Level". Nanoscale, 2015, 7, 20132-20141. [PDF] [SI] [Link]


2.  Wenhui Wang, Junnan Gu, Ting He, Yangbin Shen, Shaobo Xi, Lei Tian, Feifei Li, Haoyuan Li, Liuming Yan, Xiaochun Zhou*, "Optical super-resolution microscopy and its applications in nano-catalysis". Nano Research, 2015, 8(2): 441–455.

[PDF] English version

[PDF] Chinese version


1.     Lei Tian, Binfang Yuan, Haoyuan Li, Zhizhi Dong, Zhiying Zhang, Xiaochun Zhou* "Insights into the Promotion Effect of Macrocycle Molecule on HCOOH Electro-oxidation". Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2014, 734, 38–42. [PDF]




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