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Version 2.0 (current one)


A No Limited Time Experiment for Hydrogen Generation from HCOOH and Its Application in Flexible Fuel Cell at Room Temperature


Running for     12.5    days.

Made by:

蓝底 3036

Mr. Guanbin Lu

Mr. Chuang Bai


Mr. Fandi Ning

Dr. Yangbin Shen

Dr. Xiaochun Zhou



STEP-1: Hydrogen is generated from HCOOH decomposition

STEP-2: Flexible fuel cell is driven by the hydrogen

STEP-3: Eelectric energy from fuel cell is used to drive a fan



  • Test the lifetime of catalyst for HCOOH decomposition to H2

  • Test the lifetime of homemade flexible fuel cell

  • To know how long time can a bottle of HCOOH run the whole system



Physical Properties

Volume of HCOOH 200 mL Size of fuel cell 1 cm × 3 cm
Concentration of HCOOH 5.0 mol/L    
HCOOH 1.0 mol    
Temperature Room temperature    
Pressure Atmospheric pressure    




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